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Citra Homebrewing Recipe 0

American Pale Ale Recipe This recipe is an a...
  • Karyna Foia
How to Brew with LUPOMAX

How to Brew with LUPOMAX 1

One of the best parts about LUPOMAX® hop pellets is that they are easy to use and incorporate into your brew day. LUPOMAX® can be used in the same way that you brew with traditional T90 pellets, so there's no need for new equipment or changing your brewing process. While LUPOMAX® can be substituted in your recipe anywhere that you normally use T90 pellets, LUPOMAX® excels in dry-hopping and whirlpooling applications where you are trying to get the most aroma and flavor out of your hops.
  • Kaleb Schwecke
Homebrew Recipe All Dorado IPA

Homebrew Recipe All Dorado IPA 1

At Three Weavers, we love El Dorado® hops -- but we've never made a beer that focused soley on it and it's beautiful ways. So we thought we'd have ...
  • Karyna Foia
Top Hops for Hazy IPAs

Top Hops for Hazy IPAs 0

The Best Hops for Your Next IPA

All hail the haze! Brewing up your own hazy IPA is extremely fun, especially when it comes time to pick out your hops. This is where you can really flex your creative muscles because there are so many great hops for hazies and every combination is different and unique. Selecting the right hops that play well together can really take your hazy IPA to the next level.

  • Kaleb Schwecke