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Pre-Harvest Hop Estimates 2022

Pre-Harvest Hop Estimates 2022 0

The USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service just published its 2022 pre-harvest estimates report for U.S. crops, including hops. The report lists all the planted hop acreage in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington and forecasts the estimated yield per acre. The report was finalized on August 1st but, barring any catastrophic weather events, the estimates give a good picture for the coming hop harvest.
  • Kaleb Schwecke

Azacca Homebrewing Recipe 0

Azacca American Pale Ale Recipe This recipe ...
Mash Hopping 101

Mash Hopping 101 12

Mash Hopping: An Introduction

Mash hopping is an old brewing technique which has recently received some renewed attention and study. Historically, mash hopping was used to create subtle and layered hop flavors predominantly in lighter styles like lager, pilsners, and pale ales.

Recently, mash hopping has become a popular way to maximize fruit-forward compounds that many brewers are targeting in Hazy IPAs.

  • Kaleb Schwecke

Strata Homebrewing Recipe 0

Talus Perstrata: Hazy Pale Ale Recipe This ...
  • Karyna Foia