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Lager Recipe

Lager Recipe 3

Classic Saaz Lager Recipe In a world full of big IPAs and heavy-handed hazies, every once in a while it is nice to take a trip to the lighter side....
New Hop Spotlight 2020

New Hop Spotlight 2020 0

New Hop Spotlight 2020 - [4 Minute Read]

New hop varieties are always being released, so sometimes it can be difficult knowing which new varieties are the real deal. Looking at the 2020 hop crop there are a bunch of new names and some that are just starting to get their time in the spotlight. Here are our top three picks of new hop varieties that will be sure to offer you new aromas, bolder flavors, and be fun to incorporate into your next recipe.

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Shop Hops by Aroma [New Website Feature]

Shop Hops by Aroma [New Website Feature] 0

What do Hops Smell Like?

What do you smell when you smell your favorite hops? Lemon, grapefruit, vanilla, or just plain ol’ grass? We understand how tricky it can be to distinguish hops and their many different aromas. It gets even more complicated if you’re smelling hops with brewing buddies or coworkers and everyone is trying to communicate what they get out of the hops.

Free Labels for Your One in Eight Triumph Beers

Free Labels for Your One in Eight Triumph Beers 0

As a thank you to all of the brewers who are participating in One in Eight this year, we are giving away these customizable beer labels for free! There are two different designs to choose from and each design comes formatted for both 16oz cans and 12oz bottles. Each label comes in an editable Adobe Illustrator .ai file that is complete with instructions.

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  • Kaleb Schwecke