Citra Homebrewing Recipe


American Pale Ale Recipe

This recipe is an all grain 5 gallon batch.

Original gravity: 1.060

Final gravity: 1.012

ABV: 6.4%

IBU: 65

SRM: 4.6


Amount Fermentable

13 lb (91.2%)

12 oz (5.3%)

8 oz (3.5%)


Amount Variety Use

1 oz

60 min

.75 oz

10 min

1 oz

5 min

1 oz 

0 min

3 oz

Dry Hop

2.25 oz

Dry Hop

*Whirlpool for 15 minutes then let settle for 10 minutes before cooling*

Mash Guidelines

Amount Description Time

5.5 gal 



Other Ingredients

Amount Name Type Time

1 each

Water Agt


2.2 grams

Water Agt


1 pkt



Brewers Notes

Ferment at 67F with Wyeast 1056, White labs WLP001 or SafAle US-05, after fermentation raise temperature 3 degrees for diacetyl rest and let sit three days. After the beer has sat, cool to 60F for 24 hours.

Dry hop schedule: 24 hours after dropping fermentation temp to 60F Dry hop with 1oz Citra .70 oz Centennial every 24 hours three times. Crash beer to 35 degrees for 3 days before kegging.


If bottling after dry hopping add priming sugar and bottle.


Recipe courtesy of Shorthead Brewing!

Get All of Your Ingredients Here!

Dry Yeast

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