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Good Onya: Australian Pale Ale Beer Recipe

Good Onya: Australian Pale Ale Beer Recipe 2

Good Onya 5.5-gallon Pale Ale Homebrew Recipe Created by Ryan Holt of Old Standby Brewing Oi there! Ryan Holt over at Old Standby Brewing (@oldsta...
Hopsource 2023

Hopsource 2023 0

6th Annual Hopsource When: September 26-28th, 2023 // 9-5 open houseWhere: Yakima Valley Hops, 702 North 1st AveWhy: Support the public breeding pr...
  • Kaleb Schwecke
Best Things To Do in Yakima During Hop Harvest

Best Things To Do in Yakima During Hop Harvest 2

Best Things To Do in Yakima During Hop Harvest By the Yakima Valley Hops Crew Originally Published: August 7, 2023  Ahhh, Yakima. What a special, b...
  • Jake Parrish
4MMP Thiol Spotlight

4MMP Thiol Spotlight 0

4MMP is a sulfur bound aroma compound that has become highly sought after by brewers due to its high impact on aroma. Humans have an extremely low sensory threshold for thiols, but 4MMP is particularly potent and is present in beer at about 200 parts per trillion. Trillion with a T.

4MMP is important because it hold the key to some highly sought after flavors and aromas like tropical and sweet fruits. On its own, 4MMP is most commonly described as having an aroma of black currants, as well as gooseberries and passion fruit, but it also is a flavor and aroma booster that helps elevate other contributors like linalool and geraniol.

  • Kaleb Schwecke