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Free Labels for Your One in Eight Triumph Beers

Free Labels for Your One in Eight Triumph Beers 0

As a thank you to all of the brewers who are participating in One in Eight this year, we are giving away these customizable beer labels for free! There are two different designs to choose from and each design comes formatted for both 16oz cans and 12oz bottles. Each label comes in an editable Adobe Illustrator .ai file that is complete with instructions.

Click to read more and download your FREE beer labels!

  • Kaleb Schwecke
1 in 8: Triumph Hops to bring Breast Cancer Awareness

1 in 8: Triumph Hops to bring Breast Cancer Awareness 0

HOPS FOR CHARITY: Proceeds from the sales of this exclusive lot of 2020 Triumph go to Wellness House here in Yakima. Wellness House is a local charity that offers free support services, education, and resources to those battling cancer and other life-altering diseases. We teamed up with our friends at CLS Farms, who grew this exclusive lot of Triumph, and Roy Farms, who specially pelletized the hops to raise awareness and donations for Wellness House. Over $4 of every pound sold will be donated to Wellness House.
2020 Crop Report

2020 Crop Report 0

Get the inside scoop of growing hops during the 2020 crop year!
  • Bobby Brown
How to Grow Hops

How to Grow Hops 0

Growing your own hops is an easy and fun experience that anyone can do. Even if you do not plan on brewing with the hops, it is still rewarding and can be beautifully implemented in landscaping or as a natural fence or sun shade. But for home brewers, it does not get much better than brewing a wet hop beer from your own hops that you grew. An average hop plant will produce about 1-2.5 pounds of dried hops, which is definitely good for a couple batches of your own fresh hop harvest ale every year!

Blog post includes a download to YOUR FREE PDF GUIDE TO GROWING HOPS!

  • Kaleb Schwecke
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