Matt Dailey

Matts interest in brewing came long after being introduced to craft beer. After visiting a few local breweries and trying so many different varieties, he was hooked! His main inspiration came from all the flavors and aromas, and of course, how could it not! Matts creativity took off after brewing with a 1 gallon all grain kit. "My goals in brewing are to better my beer batch by batch and share it with friends. Another goal is to constantly try new things in my brew house because it helps me innovate and could lead to even better beer", says the brewer. Matt has won 1st place ribbons for his Coffee Stouts, IPAs, Weissbier, and 2nd for a Session Porter. He loves to enter homebrew competitions and receive feedback, and hopes to keep doing so in the future.

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Guava Double Sour IPA

11lbs 2 row
2lbs flaked oats
Mash at 152°

Boil 60 mins

Add 2oz Citra hops (12AA) at 150°f for 30 mins
Add 2oz Sabro Pellets (13.8AA) at 150°f for 30 mins

Ferment with 2 packs of Lallemand Philly Sour Yeast
Add 4.4lbs guava Purée at tail end of fermentation.

3 days before kegging add 1oz Sabro lupomax (19.8AA)

FG: 1.008
ABV: 7%
IBU: 10

I’ve been using YVH now for 3 years. They’re my go to hop source for all beer styles. The availability and quality of so many varieties of hops isn’t found anywhere else. It doesn’t matter if it’s New England’s (IPA) or Lagers, YVH has what I need and the quality is second to none. Innovation at YVH is also impressive. The new lupomax hops are awesome!

- Matt Dailey