Robby Narquis

"Specializing in beers with ingredients sourced form the PNW. Taste the farmland in your brews", is Chainsaws' motto. When first starting to brew, it was just something to do other than his day to day job, which at the time was working at a winery. This job is where he really got to learn about fermentation and was able to transfer this knowledge into beer making. It didn't take long for Robby to realize that he really loved having complete control over what he was consuming and making, and that is a big reason for his drive to brew. He's been brewing for about 5 years now and absolutely loving it!

His goals as a brewer are to open up a tap room in the Tri-Cities or eastern WA. "Having a lot of people involved in my goals are making my dreams feel very achievable in the near future", says the brewer. Going back to his motto, the brewery will be focused on the ingredients and making sure that they are all from the PNW. Chainsaw hopes that he will be known as someone who focuses on the farmer and the hard work they put into our ingredients.

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Saw Down-Unda

Saw Down-Unda

10gallon batch
Mashed at 148 for 60min
Pilsner malt 90%
Vienna malt 10%
Boil 60min
1/2 oz magnum at 60min
3oz galaxy at 2min
3oz galaxy at whirlpool 170degree for 10min
2oz Nelson sauvin dry hopped on 2nd day of fermentation
2oz galaxy dry hopped on 2nd day of fermentation
Yeast= imperial yeast Dieter fermented at 64degrees for 5days and then heated up to 68 for 5more days and then kegged on day 10
Gravity OG= 1.048
Gravity FG= 1.008
5.2% ABV

My experience with YVH has been nothing but positive. The packaging, marketing, relationship, and of course products have been amazing. Never had bad hops sent to me. Being from eastern WA and being close to yakima it makes me feel very good to support this company. Knowing that this company was started by a couple guys wanting to sell hops out of their dorm rooms in college makes it such an awesome story and brand to work with. Their dedication shows and they will make all their brewers happy.

- Robby Narquis

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