Last year, the 1 in 8 fundraising campaign made a donation to Wellness House here in Yakima. Wellness House provides services and support for cancer patients and their families. The donations that were made possible by brewers around the country, helped to keep Wellness House open and providing services to those in need.

And you can be a part of this! Brew your One in Eight beer and join the movement by doing what you love to do, brewing beer.


One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. That's why hop growers, dealers, and brewers are working together to raise money for cancer care services in the Yakima Valley — the heart of hop country — by collaborating on fresh hop beers. As a cancer survivor, Shelley Desmarais began the 1 in 8 campaign to bring awareness and support to those fighting the fight. As a 4th generation hop farmer with her husband Eric, these two are using their influence in the beer community to host a fundraiser to help the cause. You can join too!

Support by purchasing the items below
or by donating directly to Wellness House

"The One in Eight money was a much needed financial infusion of operating money this past fall after 6+ months of nervously watching our bottom line. Thank you for caring for people in need, thank you for keeping our doors and phone lines open and thank you for bringing HOPE!" - Margaret Filkins Executive Director

We encourage anyone to donate to their local cancer servicing charity. Our goal is to support local non-profits in all communities, and if you'd like to donate to one of your local non-profits, that's great!