Why cans? Because the best hops deserve the best packaging!

1. LESS IS MORE: These cans are double-dosed with nitrogen to provide the lowest oxygen environment possible. Industry-standard packing results in about 2% oxygen, while our cans weigh in well under 1%. Fresh!

2. EASY TO STORE: Once a can is opened, simply slap a food-safe lid (included per pack) on top before tossing in the freezer. For long-term storage spray with an inert gas (CO2 or wine preserver) before sealing to protect even the most delicate oils and terpenes. Safe and sound!

3. RECYCLABLE AND REUSABLE: Easily remove the label to recycle the can, or use your imagination to give your can a second life! Green like hops!

Double-Nitrogen Dosed Canned Hops

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Dealer's Choice Variety Can Packs

Dealer's Choice Variety Can Pack Two Sizes to Choose From:- NINE 8oz cans (Total of 4.5 pounds)- EIGHTEEN 8oz cans (Total of 9 pounds) This Dealer's Choice Variety Can Pack...

From $40.00
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Silicone Can Lid | 2 Pack

Silicone Can Lid 2 Pack (Various Colors)YVH can lid is silicone and food-safe to perfectly preserve hops after you crack into your hop can. Reusable, sealable, and easy to use....

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