How SPECTRUM can improve dry hopping

How SPECTRUM can improve dry hopping

As the advanced hop product market expands and offerings from nearly all major hop suppliers get better and better, one stands out from the rest. It improves dry hop flavors and characteristics while saving beer, money, and time - all while being fully dispersible in cold beer. 

SPECTRUM® is an all-new, 100% hop-derived and 100% natural liquid dry hop product from the wicked-smart minds at BarthHaas. Feel free to fully or partially replace traditional T90 pellets completely in your dry hopping regimen with SPECTRUM. It's an extract that allows dry hop flavors and characteristics to shine through without having beer absorbed by pellets and lost in the dry hop process. Plus, it allows for greater control, cuts down on risk of oxidization, and doesn't impart enzymes that create hop creep. 

Sounds pretty damn cool to us. 

Grace Weitz, managing editor for Hop Culture and Untappd, wrote an extensive article that dives into what SPECTRUM is, tips for brewing with it, and what other brewers are saying about this advanced hop product.

Check out this excerpt from Grace's article:

"There's no doubt about the popularity of IPAs, hazies, and other hop-forward beers in the market today. 

"Dry hopping can be costly. But what if you could get all the flavor and hop characteristics you’re looking for out of a dry hop without losing extra beer, extra time, and extra money?

Your customers would be happy with the final product. And your bottom line would be too.

A groundbreaking new product from the venerable hop supplier BarthHaas, SPECTRUM is a liquid dry-hop replacement that does exactly that.

Photo of Spectrum being dosed into a fermenter

Seems like a win-win.

So we dove deeper to discover the basics about SPECTRUM, the advantages, how to brew with it, and why every brewer should give SPECTRUM a shot.

“Until very recently a majority of these liquid alternatives have been designed for the hot side—sometimes mashing but usually in the kettle or whirlpool,” says Common Space Head Brewer Andy Link. “These oils like to separate from water naturally, so using them in the cold side or the fermenter side of the brewing process have been really tough to tackle…until SPECTRUM.”

Read the full article here.

 Have a question about SPECTRUM? Let us know in the comments, or shoot us an email at 

Yakima Valley Hops has SPECTRUM® available to commercial brewers in Mosaic® and Citra®.

Shop now here.

 Photo of Spectrum hop product being poured into a measuring glass.

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