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1. Tracking Info: 

You should have received a shipment notification when the shipping label was created. This doesn’t mean your shipment has left the warehouse, it just means we started the process. Our production team is fast -- I mean, really fast. Your order should be out the door within 8 hours of the label being printed.

*Your tracking info should be on both of your first emails.

If you haven’t received a notification, it’s most likely because we haven’t printed the label yet. Our warehouse is closed Saturday and Sunday, so we won’t print the label until Monday if the order was placed on Friday. If neither of these are true, check your spam -- sometimes emails from YVH go there. You have the incorrect email saved on your account. This is rare, but sometimes happens. You may need to log into your account and check the emails you have saved. Something that would be helpful for you to track future orders is to download:

Download FedEx ship manager -- but keep in mind, it will only work for residential addresses.

2. I got the wrong order:

Oh no! We’re so sorry that happened. I guess the guys in production are allowed a mistake occasionally. Attached is a return label for the surprise products we tried to sneak in your package.

All info about this order is helpful so if you don’t mind sending us a pick of the packing slip with signature, we’ll record that info to help us with future errors and consistencies we see that may be causing repeated errors.


3. I'm missing some items:

Shoot! We can get those sent out to you tomorrow if you would like. I would pack them myself this time to ensure THAT does not happen again-- Or we can issue a refund to your account for the missing items. Let us know which you prefer.

All info about this order is helpful so if you do not mind sending us a pick of the packing slip with signature, we’ll record that info to help us with future errors and consistencies we see that may be causing repeated errors.


4. My package says it was delivered but it’s not here:

A lot of times, the delivery drivers jump the gun and mark a package delivered while it’s still on the truck. If it has been 24 hours and your package still hasn’t arrived, you will need to call your local FedEx to track it down. They will have more information for you on whether it is lost/waiting for you to pick up or sent to the wrong address. Once you have made a claim, let us know and we will start the process of getting a new package out to you.

5. I can’t get into my account:

We recently combined our retail site with our wholesale site, what happened is you were unable to activate your account. I will send a new activation link your way RIGHT NOW! All you will need to do is change your password and you should be in. If you don’t see the email, check junk, and if you still don’t see it, email us at

6. Why can’t I see my old orders?

When we combined our two websites a few months back we were unable to bring over all of the old order history information from our previous websites. Instead of losing everything we tried our best to grab the most valuable information from each of your accounts.


7. What aa% will my hops be? I notice you have a range on your varieties?

We offer a general range on the item page. While that’s not ideal, we promise it’s only because for any given variety, we often carry a couple different lots for the aa% will vary. Agricultural products vary from year-to-year and if you’re looking for hops that are more consistent, you should check out some of the advanced hop products we offer: Flex, Lupomax, or Incognito. For the aroma specific varieties, the catalog of varieties continues to grow. Advanced Products

8. Can I get some samples?

Curious about varieties? We love that for you. Currently, we only ship samples to wholesale accounts. If you have an existing account with us … Awesome. If not, let’s get you approved for one. Select the wholesale tag at the top left corner of our website, from there you will fill in your brewery information and send it our way. If you have got the right Tax-ID/Business Name, we should be able to approve your account M-F, 9a-5pm PST. If you’re in hurry, email us at: Our wholesale account signup page is: Once we approve your account, you will get a welcome email. Let us know what varieties you’re curious about and we’ll send you some 2 oz bags of that variety. We are happy to make suggestions if you tell us what beer styles you're trying to make or what aroma you’re looking for. Again, any special requests should be sent to:

9. Popped bags/Vacuum Seal:

While this occurred in transit, I totally understand your cause for concern. Fortunately, hops (and especially pellets) are quite durable. It takes a combination of air, light, and time to degrade those bad boys, so as long as they don't smell musky/funky, you should be good to go! We suggest you reseal your hops in an airtight bag/container and pop them in the freezer until you’re ready to brew. I hope this helps and please let us know if we can add any further clarity. Attached a PDF with way more information on oxygen exposure and hops.

10. When can I get Rhizomes?

Our local farmers will be digging up rhizomes in the early spring/after the last frost out here in the Pacific Northwest. As soon as we get them in house, we will make an announcement on our website as well as social media. Rhizomes usually take about 2 months to sell out, and we will have limited varieties. Once we get them up on the website, we will also release literature on how to care and grow them, as well as a podcast and video on planting and pruning. Keep an eye out, they may move fast!

11. How do I use Lupomax?

While Lupomax is great to use at any point in brewing, we highly recommend using it in whirlpool or for dry hopping. Lupomax plays a vital role in lessening your beer loss during whirlpool and dry hopping since it is a concentrated pellet. By using 30% less pellets than you would T-90, there is less beer loss.

12. What’s the difference between Lupomax and Cryo?

There are three main differences between the two advanced products. First, when Lupomax crops are chosen, Haas sticks to the same crop year so you always know how old your hops are. There is year to year consistency in Alpha Acids and profiles because LUPOMAX only uses lots that are specially selected and true to type. LUPOMAX prioritizes consistency and quality over intensifying the flavors.


It’s a flowable hop extract used on the cold side of brewing. 1 kg is equivalent to about 12.5 lbs of the same variety so a little bit of Incognito packs an aromatic punch. We love incognito because it’s reliable from year to year, reduces beer loss, and it’s a great way to save on shipping. Incognito is the cream of the crop advanced product and will be available in large and small quantities. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter and social media to be the first to know! #yakimavalleyhops

14. International Wholesale Shipping Policy:

International shipping can be tricky, and we want to make it as seamless as possible. To do so, we had to make some rules- I know I don’t like rules either.

  • Please place all international wholesale orders directly by emailing
  • 440lb (200kg) minimum
  • Prior to receiving a quote, we ask that you fill out this International Customer Form and return via email with your first order request

We are excited to work with you. Please email with any questions.

If you’re buying in bulk and looking for specifics on certain varieties, please email and we’ll do our best to get you lot info.

15. Why am I not seeing wholesale prices on small packages anymore?

We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience, but when we merged our wholesale and retail sites, we lost the ability to charge different amounts for wholesale and retail customers. For the time being, we are only able to offer wholesale prices on bulk amounts (11-pound bags and up). If you’re purchasing for a home brew store, please email or and they’ll help you out.

Wholesale accounts (can we make a brewery name a required field?) // Account verification to confirm or security question

16. How come I was charged tax?

If you are within Washington State, we are required to charge sales tax to home brewers, but…. If you are a commercial brewer and are still getting charged tax we are missing your Tax ID number or EIN. Shoot us an email at sales@yakimavalleyhops so we can make the proper adjustments and get you the best discount in town!



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